Community Connection Healthcare

Administrative Program Consultant
I began working with Community Connection Healthcare as a freelance designer hired to update their logo and branding. My role transformed into a per diem care manager, then a full-time administrative program consultant. After an exhaustive and challenging 2020 into 2021, I took a leave of absence, eventually resigning to focus on my health and personal goals.
cch pdf forms

Logo & form upgrades

The logo on these forms was a concept logo; staff did not want to change the "look."
  • Existing logo, upgraded typography
  • Revised all office forms; most to PDF fillable forms
cch employee handbook

Handbook and Manuals

In 2019, the agency would prepare for the first round of CARF assessments for accreditation. I was then onboarded to help write, edit, and design the agency's policy and procedure handbook and AFC manuals.
cch alora training


The agency had no formal training presentations. So I quickly developed presentations -
  • Non-clinical notes training new employees
  • Accessing patient records and history
  • Alora software overview training
  • Accessing email, forwarding, and logins to software
cch presentation chw

Training Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers were onboarded in 2019 when I needed help to support the RNs and CMs with their caseloads. The state of Massachusetts did not have a formal training program in place but did offer material to help CHWs understand their role in the community and workplace.
cch mds training

RN Training

With C19 and telehealth, state coding for admittance into the programs became challenging. As a result, I simplified the RN intake package for consistency to ensure that information was meticulous and uniform for state acceptance.
  • Developed RN training related to MDS (Meta Data Sheet)
  • Updated print forms to fillable PDF forms
  • Updated RN intake package for simplicity and consistency
cch digital content

Website updates

C19 made it challenging for our consumers to quickly get the information they needed without waiting for a staff member to conduct a telehealth visit. As a result, most consumers and caregivers use mobile technology; therefore I -
  • Created a Client Support Site login
  • Employee Site login
  • Easily updated sites with state, agency, and resource changes
  • The office staff could redirect individuals to website resources
  •  In addition, introduced broad communication using Constant Contact and Survey Monkey, reaching up to 79% of consumers to meet business objectives, and determine areas for improvement
cch rubric

Evaluating Technology Use

In 2020, C19 changed how we interacted with clients and staff. For example, I developed a rubric to help identify software we could easily implement with minimal cost and meet the needs of the field and office staff.
cch mobile content

Company announcements

Many of our service staff (aides) did not have computers at home. Creating image graphics for mobile use made it easy for aides and service staff to keep up-to-date with handbook changes (which went digital).
cch social media content

Social Media Advertising

Updated all social media and online platform imagery.