Feeling Safe

Updated: May 9

It really scares me that we allow some people to have way too much power.

I feel sad that we are surrounded by so much fear and unrest. There are so many great things about living today, technology, science, and wealth. And there were so many great things about living years ago like the 80's when I was younger (sorry, but that's all I've got, lol!).

Perhaps every generation feels that way.

But there is so much trauma, tragedy, and violence. Predators, excessive greed, and suffering, exploited today.

I miss the personal connections of years prior; and having dreams, feeling limitless, and independent. Allowing kids to dream, not live in fear or isolation.

Laughter, innocence, and exploration; it's not that we don't have some of this today. It just seems that it's much more difficult to find.