remember - forget

Going through many years of writing, I came across material from a time that I had forgotten. It was 2016, and I had been going through a dark time.

The messages went like this -

We are empaths

Sometimes I think you don't see

and maybe sometimes you forget

You will love and be loved

Things are muddy right now

You will swim in clear waters

beautiful and clear

as your own loving emerald eyes

Don't give up


and if you can't swim


and if you can't tread

relax and float

but, don't allow yourself to sink

We are empaths

we forgive, hope, love

open the door to the broken

hope for a new chance

offer a new chance

Sometimes though,

we need to do this from a distance

a confined arena

Give yourself the right to expect a return

on what you invest in people

If there's no return

distance is key

Because remaining leaves us hollow


until nothing is left

Remember - don't forget